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Make your Home Unique

I am real excited how our homes in Timberwood subdivision are coming together. We started with an idea to build modest 1600 sqft homes that

1048 Timber Trails Rd, Breaux Bridge

that would be reasonably priced for

middle income families. Our vision for our homes was to have great curb appeal without looking like cookie-cutter suburbia. So, I started taking note of cute cottages during my afternoon walks and even lost a few pounds in the process. I owe it all to my new obsession of windows. 😂

Above Picture: Prairie style windows gives this house cute charm.

Below Picture: 6 lites on the top and clear on the bottom

6 lites on the top and clear bottom

We designed the house plans for this neighborhood to have accents of hardi plank in combination with the brick to give a traditional look with a little country feel. If your not familiar with hardi plank, I will be discussing in future blogs but for now it is not important. We have tried different styles of windows and trimmed them in white to help the windows stand out. Believe me, before I started designing this new neighborhood, I had know idea on the many different styles of windows. These options give each home its own character. If you're planning to change your windows to more energy-efficient, insulated windows, start looking around at styles before you visit with a window company.

When I priced windows, I found a few ways to slightly cut cost (thanks to Jen and Doug Ashy Building Materials team, Breaux Bridge location). I enjoy white framed windows. I believe it accents almost any home and gives a clean, sharp look.

I think most people desire at least some features of their home not to be so ordinary but generally like to play it safe because they are scared. Hey, this is your home and personal sanctuary. If you don't like what you see, then think about changing it; and, if you do it right you can save money in the process.

"I'm just saying but that's just me." Tammy-

Quick tips:

1. Multitude of cute ideas on It's my "go to" for decorating ideas.

2. White is less expensive than tan or sand colors. (This also applies to plumbing fixtures)

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